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wausauloner - Sun Jan 01 2012

05:41 AM #
Shawn has a slight fever. His cough continues. I still feel fine. Shawn insists he's not really sick, just suffering from the weather.

05:43 AM #
I'm going to chance going out with Shorty on my own to try to find us some food. Shawn needs to keep his strength up. #zompocalypse #zombies

02:34 PM #
Back. I found some gas in the tank of a weed-whacker, and some more in a snowblower. Little by little, I'm filling the Tucson's tank.

02:37 PM #
I also found a metal garbage can closed up tight in a garage--something scroungers know to look for. Inside: 50 pounds of sunflower seeds.

02:40 PM #
The sunflower seeds are meant for birds, but they'll do for humans too, in a pinch. The zompocalypse definitely qualifies. #zombie #zombies