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wausauloner - Thu Jan 05 2012

06:37 AM #
Another warm, sunny day--for January in Wisconsin. Shawn is up & around again, checking to make sure his duck is secure on the trailer.

06:41 AM #
We're going to give the Tucson a once-over too to make sure it's fit for travel. If it is, we're going to make a run for home. #zompocalypse

07:34 AM #
With our bellies still happy from last night's fish, we've decided to chance it. With any luck, my next Tweet will be from Wausau. #zombies

07:37 AM #
Oh, one more thing for the monitor crew in the DARPA listening post: We think it's best if we stay in quarantine in my home for awhile.

01:33 PM #
That was a slow, exhausting trip. It takes a lot of concentration to drive safely on an abandoned highway covered with icy snow. #zombies

01:36 PM #
Kurt and May did a great job keeping my place maintained, including the greens growing in the basement. It is good to be home safe. #zombies

01:40 PM #
After living on a near starvation diet for way too long, Shawn and I are looking forward to eating well tonight. Then it's CB catch-up time.