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wausauloner - Fri Jan 06 2012

09:52 AM #
Damn, but it feels good to sleep in. Especially in a nice, cozy, geothermally-heated home with plenty of food at hand. #zompocalypse

09:55 AM #
I spent most of last night talking with Sue on the CB. She wanted every bit of detail Shawn and I could remember about what we saw out east.

09:58 AM #
She's trying to figure out which pandemic illness(es?) the Fox Valley area was stricken with, other than the zombie plague, of course.

10:02 AM #
Sue says the collapse of civilization brought on by the zombie uprising probably made conditions right for a lot of other disease outbreaks.

10:05 AM #
We'd heard amateur radio messages mentioning cholera, black death, flu, and other maladies around the world. SOMETHING hit the Fox Valley.

10:07 AM #
Shawn & I saw clear evidence of that in the bodies we found. We don't know if we were exposed or not. Sure, we both felt unwell...

10:10 AM #
...But was it because we were tired, cold, and underfed? Or were we not exposed? If we were, did we live because we were otherwise healthy?

10:13 AM #
After Sue's many questions, we still don't know. She doesn't think she can identify the illness from our description. #zombie #zompocalypse

03:41 PM #
After another round of questions from Sue about how we're feeling today, we finally talked to other people on the CB. Mostly Kurt and May.

03:44 PM #
They're doing fine. They'd kept busy maintaining my house as well as theirs. I thanked them for all their work while I've been away.

03:47 PM #
They said it actually helped them work out some of the details on their own home's solar system, basement garden, etc. #zompocalypse

03:50 PM #
May and her unborn baby seem to be doing well. She was finally convinced to cease scrounging & zombie combat duty until after she delivers.