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wausauloner - Sat Jan 07 2012

08:40 AM #
I spent a few hours on the CB last night talking to other local survivors. Young Jason monopolized the conversation. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:42 AM #
as a result, I didn't catch up on much news of what's been happening here while Shawn and I were looking for his friends near Appleton.

08:45 AM #
I did learn that Jason is now living in the Farm Colonies and taking Winter Classes with other children. He's far less wild these days.

08:48 AM #
Jason said he kept trying to get others to go rescue us when Shawn and I were quarantining ourselves near Hortonville. He almost ran there!

08:51 AM #
If it were summer, I'm sure he'd have tried it--and probably gotten to us. That kid can really run, and he survived on his own for 2 years.

08:54 AM #
Jason was particularly upset to hear that Shawn lost Chewie, the dog Jason named before his expedition up north last fall. #zombie #zombies

02:15 PM #
Crap. Jason just showed up here. He was up and over the wall and in my house before I realized he was near. Now he's in quarantine, too.

02:18 PM #
Jason brought a new pup for Shawn: "Chewie II." Now we have to tell him he can't go back to the Farm Colonies until Sue says it is safe.