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wausauloner - Mon Jan 09 2012

06:09 AM #
We're keeping busy during this second leg or our quarantine in the much more comfortable surroundings of my well-defended & stocked-up home.

06:12 AM #
Now we have to wait even longer than planned to venture out, thanks to Jason's visit. He's stuck in quarantine, too. He's driving us crazy.

06:15 AM #
He keeps poking around with important things that need to keep working--like my solar panels, geothermal system, basement garden, & defenses

06:18 AM #
The kid's natural curiosity could be dangerous if he damages something here that we need to survive. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:21 PM #
We're keeping Jason (and ourselves) busy by training Chewie II and doing some repairs on the anti-zombie wall around my property. #zombies

03:32 PM #
Shawn and I have decided that Jason isn't taking his quarantine seriously. We're going to take precautions against him sneaking out on us...

03:36 PM #
...the stakes are simply too high: If Shawn and I carried any pandemic illness back from the Fox Valley, we can't let Jason spread it here.