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wausauloner - Tue Jan 10 2012

05:36 AM #
Shawn stayed up all night to make sure Jason didn't sneak out, keeping himself awake by tinkering with my ham radios, listening. #zombies

05:38 AM #
Shawn heard someone speaking French, which he knows a little of from his days living in Quebec years before the zombies rose. #zompocalypse

05:41 AM #
The speaker said she was on an island in the Mediterranean, offering fish for trade goods from any survivors listening on the continent.

02:14 PM #
While teaching Chewie II silent commands (SOP for human-dog zombie-fighting teams), Jason told us how he's become the Colonies' best trainer

02:17 PM #
Well, he HAS been working with the trainers & breeders out at the Farm Colonies, & he does have a natural rapport with animals, but still...

02:20 PM #
Well, I will give him props for being the fastest runner among the survivors I've met &, with his axe, one of the best close-in Z fighters.

02:23 PM #
But his training technique consists mainly of giving Chewie II one of Shorty's treats for doing...well, just about anything close to obeying