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wausauloner - Wed Jan 11 2012

05:32 AM #
Shawn took the overnight watch again. Jason didn't try to leave. Maybe he hasn't sussed out the fact that we don't trust him to stay

05:35 AM #
Shawn picked up the Ham operator off France again. He learned her name: Marie, & that she's trying to work a 3-way trade with another island

05:38 AM #
Apparently, another island needs parts for desalinization gear, and is offering to can any fish in the trade at a plant on their island.

12:23 PM #
Shorty snapped at Chewie II for wanting to play while she tried to sleep. Shawn & I aren't the only ones with patience tried by a young one.

06:43 PM #
I was just on the CB talking with Pete. He said that our efforts to clear Prentice of zombies were finally noticed by some other survivors.

06:46 PM #
A family of four, who'd been hiding out near Prentice, saw our message & made the trip south during the recent mild weather. Cool. #zombies