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wausauloner - Fri Jan 13 2012

07:19 AM #
With this nasty weather, I don't think we have to worry about Jason breaking quarantine and running back to the Farm Colonies. #zompocalypse

09:11 AM #
There's a zombie out in the street. It's just beyond my defensive wall. We can see it clearly from my second floor. #zompocalypse

09:14 AM #
The zombie is very still now, just swaying listlessly in place. When we first noticed it, it was after something in a tree across the road.

09:17 AM #
The zombie could have been interested in a squirrel that ran up the tree and is now out of sight, or maybe there was a bird that flew away.

09:20 AM #
Now, with nothing to capture the thing's attention, the zombie is just standing there at the end of a meandering trail in the snow.

09:55 AM #
The zombie is still out there. With no idea we're near, it has slowly spun in place over the last half hour or so. Interesting behavior...

10:26 AM #
The thing is impervious to the cold. The black "blood" in zombies' veins must be one heck of an anti-freeze. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:34 AM #
The zombie has completed another slow-speed spin. I guess it's hunting.

10:36 AM #
Normally, I'd use my bow and take out the damned thing, but I'd just waste arrows lost in the snow in all this wind. #zombie #zombies

10:40 AM #
Using a gun, of course, is not a good idea here. I'd attract every zombie within earshot to my home. So we're waiting, watching.

11:43 AM #
The zombie stopped spinning awhile ago. Now it's facing to the south, the direction it was heading before. Hmmm. Back on a course?

11:46 AM #
One thing's for sure: Its path wasn't determined by looking back the way it came and deciding to carry on--the blowing snow erased the trail

11:54 AM #
The zombie has started moving again. Slowly, not very smoothly, it is following the road to the south towards the turn in the river.

01:15 PM #
The zombie has been out of sight for awhile. It didn't seem to be moving with much purpose. We'll keep an eye out to see if it comes back.

08:26 PM #
@JonHylton Do you have any theories?

08:28 PM #
@paulmitchell I got a blank message from you. Did you mean to message me? Sometimes The Anomaly doesn't let everything through.

10:03 PM #
@JonHylton It would have to be quite a disguise. If it comes back, we will look at it carefully with an eye to that.