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wausauloner - Sat Jan 14 2012

05:52 AM #
Shawn, Jason, and I are all up on my second floor with binoculars, looking out to see if that zombie from yesterday is in sight. #zombies

08:26 AM #
We see it. The zombie from yesterday is heading this way, more-or-less retracing its path back towards us from the south.

08:32 AM #
We can tell it is the same zombie because of the tattered coveralls it is wearing. I think the man it used to be was a Volkswagen auto tech.

08:35 AM #
That makes sense--there's a VW dealership about 4 miles north of here, between the Z-day outbreaks. This zombie was probably turned early on

08:38 AM #
There are many dark stains on the zombie's coveralls. Part of a sleeve is missing. A chunk of that forearm, too--probably where it was bit.

09:48 AM #
The zombie is closer now. We can see it clearly over my perimeter wall. It doesn't seem to recognize it is a sign prey might be near.

09:51 AM #
It isn't even pausing to investigate Shawn's zompocalypse-modded WWII duck, which is parked beyond the wall. It's just shuffling up the road

10:15 AM #
The zombie has passed by. We were still and quiet, hidden in shadows, unnoticed, even when its random path put us in its line of sight.

10:45 AM #
The zombie is still heading north on Azalea road. Like others, it seems to follow the path of least resistance in & out of my neighborhood.