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wausauloner - Sun Jan 15 2012

09:21 AM #
that zombie is back again. This is starting to get disconcerting. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:29 AM #
It is not alone. There are two other zombies straggling along behind it. One is missing both arms. The other, most of its mid-section.

10:03 AM #
The zombies are all shambling down the road. Every now & then, the one with the ravaged gut falls, then gets back up and follows the others.

10:11 AM #
The armless zombie just slid into the deep ditch off the road, near one of my now neglected solar light traps. I don't think it can get out.

10:13 AM #
The other two zombies, after a glance, are ignoring the trapped zombie's thrashing around in the snow-filled ditch and are heading past us.

10:19 AM #
.@nitroy2k I'm unable to reach the site. Everything but texted tweets error out. The Anomaly only lets small bursts of data through.

10:40 AM #
Only the armless zombie is still nearby. It's no threat. But I am concerned to see three zombies in an area I've worked hard to keep clear.

10:48 AM #
Since the natural barriers of my neighborhood (a hill, two overpasses, the river, and two highway fences) keep most "new" zombies out...hmm

10:51 AM #
...I think there is a chance that there is a breech in a fence somewhere, allowing these zombies (and maybe others) in. #zompocalypse

10:54 AM #
With Shawn, Jason, and I all in quarantine after our exposure in the pandemic-ravaged Fox Valley, maybe I can get someone on the CB to check

11:15 AM #
I raised Kurt on the CB. He's going to strap on some snowshoes and recon our outer perimeter. Alone, he has to be careful. #zombies

11:18 AM #
We can't help because of our quarantine. May's pregnancy is too far along...I still have faith in Kurt. He's an accomplished zombie fighter.

01:21 PM #
Kurt just radioed in on the CB: He found where the zombies got in: a truck traveling on 29 went off the road and hit the fence. Survivors!

01:25 PM #
Kurt couldn't get close enough to check out the truck. He thinks it has been there since before all this snow. Maybe it followed us here?