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wausauloner - Tue Jan 17 2012

12:37 AM #
I'm spelling Shawn for an hour so he could take a break inside and warm up. He saw the figures I saw earlier--one, a zombie, came close...

12:38 AM #
It walked right past Shawn's old duck, close enough to rip some decayed flesh off on one of the anti-boarding spikes. Didn't even slow down.

06:47 AM #
After a few hours of sleep, I'm back up on my gutted second floor. Jason is up here, helping me watch for any crash survivors or zombies.

06:50 AM #
We can see several distant shambling figures. Using binoculars, we watch each one carefully for signs of life. Most are obviously zombies.

06:53 AM #
Even if we couldn't see the obvious signs--missing body parts, decaying faces, etc.--any human would be wearing winter clothing.

06:56 AM #
Most of the zombies around here were turned in the first days of the zompocalypse, so they're wearing the lighter clothing they needed then.

06:59 AM #
That was two years ago last fall. In the time since, many zombies have lost some of the clothes they were wearing when they were last alive.

07:03 AM #
It's not uncommon to see a zombie wearing just a few remaining tattered rags. And many have lost shoes and socks in deep snow.

08:11 AM #
If the survivor(s) of the truck crash are still alive out there, they've got be laying low someplace. If the zombies or cold didn't get them

09:51 AM #
Kurt called in on the CB. He led another group of zombies away from the crash site this morning. Little by little, he's clearing the area.

09:54 AM #
Working alone, even a veteran zombie fighter has to work slowly and carefully. He's got no backup if something goes wrong. #zompocalypse

09:57 AM #
After a few days of this, Kurt expects to be able to check out the crashed truck up close & make slap-dash repairs to the fence it took down

01:55 PM #
Kurt tried tracking the survivor(s) from the house they used. Trails left by zombies that came thru the broken fence complicated things.

01:58 PM #
He didn't find any solid clues to their whereabouts. On the plus side, he didn't find any blood in the snow away from the crash site, either

03:20 PM #
@mattress Good idea. He plans to leave one on the truck, too, once he can get past the zombies to it.

08:59 PM #
No overnight watch tonight: Any crash survivors will be holed up someplace warm. Shawn will be up listening to the Ham radios, just in case.