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wausauloner - Wed Jan 18 2012

05:59 AM #
Kurt is trying to clear a few zombies from the site of the truck crash. He's going to dash in and leave a note for any survivor who returns.

09:05 AM #
Kurt made it to the truck, left a note on the supplies left in the back, and got out safe. He's leaving similar notes around the area.

09:08 AM #
He's going to check every house he can in the area, leaving copies of the note behind. They include a map to a well-stocked safehouse.

10:10 AM #
If anybody survived the truck crash & zombie attack, they would have been able to take shelter in most any house nearby--if they went south.

10:13 AM #
That's an area within my formerly "safe" zone, where I'd already cleared every building in the area. I stashed survival goods in some.

10:16 AM #
Kurt knows where all those safe houses are, so he's making checking them a priority in his search for survivors. #zombies #zompocalypse

01:11 PM #
Kurt is giving up the search for the day. No luck, but he's pretty much saturated the area with notes that would lead crash survivors to us.

01:14 PM #
Besides the map to safety, the note tells anyone who finds it to make contact with us, but not to come close because of our quarantine.

08:32 PM #
I just went upstairs to my gutted second floor to look outside. It is COLD. The wind is whipping bits of icy snow around something fierce.

08:35 PM #
I saw one zombie out there, barely moving. Their black "blood" acts as some kind of anti-freeze, but when it is this cold, they slow down.