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wausauloner - Thu Jan 19 2012

02:59 AM #
Woke up a few minutes ago to the smell of smoke--the acrid plastic-and-garbage smell of a house fire. We can see bright sky to the north.

03:06 AM #
The flames must have something to do with the truck crash survivors. A fire burning overnight probably got out of control. #zombies

03:06 AM #
Shawn was awake and he's already suiting up in his best winter gear to go investigate. Jason's going, too. I'm staying to guard this place.

03:08 AM #
I'm staying in case this is a trick to steal my fortified home. That happened once, in survivable weather. I won't let that happen again!

03:32 AM #
I have alerted Kurt and May about the fire via CB. They're letting others on our Zompocalypse radio network know something is up. #zombies

03:43 AM #
The fire is a lot brighter now than when we first saw it. It is somewhere in the big subdivision tucked along Highway 29, past the pit.

03:46 AM #
The fire is so bright, it's drowning out the light from The Anomaly which lets these tweets leak to other worlds. It is very near the fire.

03:54 AM #
No word yet from Shawn and Jason. They took a portable CB, some weapons, & a good spotlight. We talked about the fire attracting zombies...

03:57 AM #
...I've already seen two zombies making a beeline (relatively speaking--zombies move even slower in this kind of cold) towards the flames.

04:11 AM #
Dawn is coming. I think I can see sunlight reflecting off the towering pillar of smoke from the fire. The flames may be subsiding a bit.

04:31 AM #
There were more zombies around here than we thought. I keep seeing more heading past my defensive wall, attracted by the fire to the north.

04:35 AM #
This worries me. The fire will also attract zombies from more thickly zombie-held areas on the other side of 29. The fences won't stop them.

05:38 AM #
I'm able to see pretty far now, using my binoculars in the gathering light. The whipping snow is brutal. Shawn & Jason better get back soon.

05:41 AM #
I see them! And they're not alone. There's a 3rd figure wrapped in blankets with them. They're moving quickly, outpacing a throng of zombies

05:44 AM #
There are zombies between them & here...I have to break out my rifle & clear the way, even if it means attracting the attention of more Zs.

07:14 AM #
Shawn, Jason, & our new guest are safe inside my warm home. We have other visitors, too: A crowd of zombies who followed them from the fire.

07:17 AM #
The outer walls around the perimeter of my property are tall & sturdy, built with salvaged concrete blocks in the first months after Z-day.

07:20 AM #
...They should hold until the 15 or so zombies forget about us. Now that we're out of sight, the fire should distract the Zs. #zompocalypse

07:23 AM #
The person Shawn & Jason brought back with them is Tina, a young woman from the group of survivors Shawn used to travel with. #zompocalypse

07:26 AM #
Tina is cold, hungry, & exhausted. Shawn's trying to get her to warm up with some boullion-cube broth. I think she's got frostbite. #zombies

07:42 AM #
Through chattering teeth, Tina has confirmed that she was in that truck that crashed north of here. She was the lone survivor. #zombies

08:05 AM #
Shawn is tending to Tina. Jason & I are going outside to make sure the zombies don't find a way past my wall. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:40 AM #
O-kaaaay... There are 40+ zombies outside. More are coming in from nearby, attracted by the excitement of those clamoring at the wall. Shit.

10:15 AM #
Tina is sleeping. Shawn & Jason feel bad about our situation. They abandoned their guns & gear last night, still couldn't shake the zombies.

10:17 AM #
Some zombies seem interested in the smoke still rising to the north. We're going inside to warm up, rest, and hope they wander away.

02:31 PM #
I just went upstairs to peak out at the zombies surrounding my perimeter walls. I don't think the crowd has grown. Or shrunk. Noisy beasts.

10:13 PM #
Just woke up from a 7-hour fitful nap. Dreams are a problem when there's a chorus of zombies moaning outside your house. #zompocalypse