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wausauloner - Fri Jan 20 2012

05:27 AM #
Tina's still sleeping--she was really at the end of her endurance. Shawn is making her a good meal. Jason & I just counted the zombies: 60+

06:12 AM #
It has become clear that we can't just wait for the zombies outside to lose interest in this place--their very numbers are attracting more.

06:16 AM #
We're going to have to deal with the zombies, quietly, one at a time, to prevent dangerous concentrations at any one point of the wall.

06:18 AM #
Using guns is out of the question because my outermost defenses--the highway fences--were crushed by zombies heading to yesterday's fire.

06:51 AM #
I've decided to try to thin the crowd of zombies using my bow, despite the likely loss of many arrows in the whipping wind.

07:45 AM #
Well, that didn't work very well. I put a few arrows into zombies' heads, remaining mostly undetected in the shadows. However...

07:48 AM #
...The extreme cold made my bowstring brittle. I snapped two already. I can't afford to lose too many strings that fit my favorite bow.

08:34 AM #
Time for Plan B. I'll be using some long poles with sharp spiked hooks on the end (They're simple garden hoes with the blades knocked off).

08:37 AM #
Jason is going to hide up in the shadows of my gutted second floor, directing me to places around the outer wall where there are few zombies

08:40 AM #
I'll be scuttling about, hidden from the zombies' view by the wall, then I'll get onto the fighting platform, stand up, spike 'em, & repeat.

09:54 AM #
Taking a break to warm up. It's slow going. I lost one zombie-spiking pole over the side when I couldn't get it out of a skull fast enough.

09:57 AM #
A section of (currently non-electrified) razor wire from atop the fence went with it. It's OK. The wire is mostly to keep human raiders out.

10:45 AM #
Kurt called on the CB. He wants to help fight the zombies surrounding us from the outside. I told him to stay home...too many zombies near.

12:15 PM #
I've taken out maybe 30 zombies so far. The bad news: 10 more have shown up outside the wall. Well, it's progress. #zompocalypse

12:17 PM #
My hands and arms sting from the shock of slamming the hooked pole into zombie skull after zombie skull. I'm sure the cold makes it worse.

12:20 PM #
Shawn's taking a turn, only his extra height & longer arms lets him use his twin machetes. Jason is stuck with spotter duty. He's too short.

12:23 PM #
Tina is now awake, but talking to her will have to wait until after we deal with the zombies outside. We're running out of daylight. #zombie

03:04 PM #
Shawn and I have been taking turns at the wall, smashing, spiking, and slicing open zombie heads as fast as we can. We got most of them.

03:15 PM #
Jason is going to join us as we go over the wall to finish off the rest. Tina insists on helping. She's on emergency overwatch with a 22.

04:47 PM #
Well, we are covered with frozen black blood & other zombie gore, but we took out every zombie in sight. The attention-getting crowd? Gone.

05:17 PM #
We overtaxed my geothermal hot water system and the battery arrays powered by my solar panels--my shower, the last, was COLD at the end.