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wausauloner - Sat Jan 21 2012

06:01 AM #
Today, the zombies wandering around within sight of my home are uninterested in this place--we're staying out of view to keep it that way.

06:03 AM #
The zombies' instincts aren't even keyed to noticing their downed brethren. 75+ lie in the drifting snow outside my property's outer wall.

06:06 AM #
Getting rid of the downed zombies is going to be a chore. At least, in this cold, the smell of their decomposition is minimal. #zompocalypse

09:11 AM #
Tina is recovering from the last few days' ordeal. She'd been hiding in abandoned homes--from the zombies, and from Kurt, as it turns out.

09:13 AM #
She and her unfortunate friends didn't want to make contact with anybody in this area--that whole "The Doomed" thing again. #zompocalypse

09:16 AM #
Seeing her old friend Shawn's face in the light of the fire changed that. Along with a fair bit of hunger, thirst, and desperation.

09:19 AM #
Tina had a few close calls with wandering zombies, but it was the cold--and a chimney fire--that nearly killed her. She has some frostbite.

12:31 PM #
Tina's story: She & her traveling companions were part of Shawn's old traveling group. They had gone back to the Fox Valley to look for him.

12:34 PM #
There had been quite a panic when their group was exposed to a deadly pandemic they thought burned out in that area. Most fled quickly...

12:40 PM #
A few stayed behind to bury their dead and retrieve hastily forgotten equipment. Shawn was written off as lost when he remained overdue.

12:43 PM #
After the group set up a viable base near Shawano, Tina and her companions took one last trip back to look for Shawn. They just missed us.

12:46 PM #
...But they did run across our fresh tracks in the snow on the highway. They correctly guessed they were left by a truck towing a trailer.

12:49 PM #
They figured a trailer could have indicated Shawn was towing his duck, so they followed the trail all the way to Wausau. Then: bad weather.

12:52 PM #
They had just gotten to Wausau when visibility dropped dramatically. Bad timing, because debris hidden under the snow blew out a tire.

12:55 PM #
The crash couldn't have happened in a worse place. In the dark, swirling snow, the local zombie horde were upon them quickly. #zombies

12:58 PM #
Tina regained consciousness after the crash to the sounds of screams. Zombies were already eating the flesh of others nearer a broken window

01:01 PM #
She got away, stumbling in a daze into the dark and cold as zombies swarmed the truck. She found shelter, and passed out again.

01:04 PM #
For days, she moved from house to house, burning furniture in fireplaces for warmth until a nest, or perhaps old chimney debris, caught fire

09:17 PM #
@WorldofZ Feel free to do so. I hope the information I relay helps people in your world. I take my pledge to @ProfPierson very seriously.

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