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wausauloner - Mon Jan 23 2012

05:58 AM #
We're becoming concerned about Tina's frostbite. It looks like her nose, ears, and fingers will be OK. Her toes are another story. #zombies

08:16 AM #
Sue has been talking us through caring for Tina's frostbitten toes. The weather's too bad to travel in, so we're on our own. #zompocalypse

10:21 AM #
I've been plinking a few zombie heads with my bow today. Keeping their numbers low while that highway fence is down is essential.

02:32 PM #
I made a quick scouting run on snowshoes around the neighborhood. There are plenty of zombies around, but not too many for us to deal with.

02:36 PM #
So, weather permitting, Shawn, Jason, & I are going to get an eyeball look at the highway fence along 29. Maybe it can be repaired. #zombies