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wausauloner - Tue Jan 24 2012

06:35 AM #
Jason is getting the hang of his snowshoes. Time to begin our expedition to check out what happened to the highway fence near the fire.

08:14 AM #
We're on the north side of the pit. We hiked the road to this point, taking out a few zombies on the way. Resting. Snowshoeing is hard work.

08:31 AM #
The snow on the main road leading into the subdivision to the north is fairly well-trampled. Bad sign. It means there are many zombies ahead

08:45 AM #
We've decided that going into the subdivision, with zombies popping out from behind every house, garage, shed, and shrub, is folly...

08:48 AM #
...So we're going to keep following the main road up onto the overpass over highway 29. We can safely look down at the fence from up there.

09:55 AM #
We're up on the overpass, looking down at the scene of the truck crash. Fresh snow has covered the gore left around it by the zombie attack.

09:58 AM #
There are still a few zombies milling around the vehicle, thankfully not including the fresher zombies that had been Shawn & Tina's friends.

10:02 AM #
We can't see it from here, but Kurt said there was a fresh zombie inside the cab of the truck. He spiked it but couldn't remove the body.

10:11 AM #
The truck took out a fencepost, and two sections of chain-link highway fence. That's the source of the zombies we saw during our quarantine.

10:13 AM #
That span of fence wouldn't be too hard to fix--except for the time of year. The frozen ground makes resetting fence poles a tough job.

10:16 AM #
The bigger problem is further west, just north of the charred remains of the house fire Tina survived. Zombies crushed 50 yards of fencing.

10:19 AM #
There are many zombies still in that general area, still lingering even though the fire is out. We won't be fixing that fence for awhile.

01:11 PM #
We took out some more zombies on our way home. With the damaged fences, we'll have to do some serious patrolling for the foreseeable future.