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wausauloner - Wed Jan 25 2012

05:34 AM #
Tina's frostbite doesn't look good this morning. She's got black, necrotic blisters on 4 of her toes. I think we need to get her to Sue.

05:54 AM #
I've made arrangements with Pete's people up on Rib Mountain to use one of the old Granite Peak snowcats. It's the only way we can travel.

09:59 AM #
I'm riding shotgun as Shawn drives us all out to the Farm Colonies in the Snowcat. This thing is maddeningly slow. At least it's warm.

10:45 AM #
If it weren't for the deep snow, the zombies we pass could almost keep up with us. Shawn had to run over one. Yeah, it got back up...kinda.

02:34 PM #
We made it to the Farm Colonies safely. Sue is looking over Tina's frostbitten toes now. Shawn, Jason, and I await our turns. #zombies

03:55 PM #
Sue has given all of us a clean bill of health. We did not catch whatever we might have been exposed to out in the Fox Valley. #zombies