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wausauloner - Sat Jan 28 2012

06:21 AM #
Spending some more time here at the Farm Colonies. I was just visiting Tina in the infirmary. She had a little bit of a breakdown. #zombies

06:24 AM #
It started right after Sue told her she would be able to keep her toes, but that there would be some permanent effects from her frostbite.

06:27 AM #
Tina seemed distracted as Sue told her that her toes would likely be forever more sensitive to cold. Then she started crying. #zompocalypse

06:30 AM #
It turns out the whole ordeal with her frostbitten toes masked a greater concern over her exposure to The Anomaly when she was in hiding.

06:33 AM #
She knew she was close to The Anomaly but couldn't get away. Now she's one of us, "The Doomed," destined to re-animate after death. #zombies

09:53 AM #
Shawn has been comforting Tina. He told her we don't know how long it takes to "catch" the latent form of the zombie plague from The Anomaly

09:56 AM #
We don't fully understand how it works. We just know that many people who've spent time near The Anomaly can become zombies without a bite.

09:59 AM #
The latent form of the zombie plague doesn't kill you like a zombie bite does; it just causes you to rise when you die, regardless of cause.

10:02 AM #
Most of us around here have come to terms with being "The Doomed." I guess living in the zompocalypse will give you a fatalistic streak.

02:30 PM #
Tina is out of her funk. Once she got it all out of her system, she and Shawn promised to do what's necessary should either of them die.

02:33 PM #
I think something is happening between those two. Near-death struggles form close bonds--and sometimes more. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse