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wausauloner - Sun Jan 29 2012

08:03 AM #
Tina needs to stay here at the Farm Colonies so her frostbite can be tended to. Shawn is staying with her. Jason is with his host family...

08:06 AM #
...and while I've enjoyed this break here with Sue & my friends, I've got to get to work making my home safe again. I'm heading back, alone.

01:43 PM #
@jreyna77 I suppose that after surviving 27 months of this, I'm as experienced as anybody. Slow and careful is the only way to do it.

02:00 PM #
@jreyna77 I'm half-way down Rib Mountain at the moment. I just dropped off the Snowcat with Pete's "comm crew."

02:20 PM #
I dropped the Snowcat off up on Rib Mountain with Pete's listening post crew. I'm back home, safe. It's just me and Shorty again. #zombies