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wausauloner - Mon Jan 30 2012

06:31 AM #
Shorty and I are out putting down zombies. I'm using my bow and bat to take them out quietly. Taking a break while the area is clear.

06:34 AM #
I'm running around on snowshoes, so I've got an even better than usual advantage over the zombies that came through the downed fence.

06:37 AM #
My plan is to thin the zombie numbers while I check the rest of the perimeter. I need to make sure there aren't any additional fences down.

01:43 PM #
I've confirmed that the fence along I39 is intact from the river to the 29W ramp. The river stops zombies wandering in from the east...

01:46 PM #
That means that if I can rig up some fix for the collapsed fencing near the fire & the truck crash, my neighborhood will be much safer again