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wausauloner - Thu Feb 02 2012

06:38 AM #
Kurt and I are going on a couple visits today. We want to talk to the people from the Farm Colonies that Pete has on local watch duty.

06:41 AM #
First up: The "Comm Crew" Pete has stationed up on Rib Mountain. They're there to monitor radio signals, including local & shortwave bands.

06:44 AM #
Their work is too important to take any of them off duty to mount a major zombie-killing project, so we're mainly looking for ideas.

09:03 AM #
Evading (and sometimes fighting) zombies on snowshoes to Rib Mountain park road and hiking up the slope wore us out. But at least it's warm.

09:04 AM #
Speaking of which, this warmer-than-usual winter is certainly keeping more humans alive. Maybe we're over the hump? #zompocalypse

10:05 AM #
The men and women on the "Comm Crew" are sympathetic to my problem. We had a good brainstorming session. Some interesting possibilities...

10:07 AM #
Those up here that represent the Fort NTC survivors say they can pretty much guarantee a few volunteers will come help when we're ready.

10:10 AM #
Even with this mild weather, that's an unexpected and welcome contribution. Traveling zombie-held territory in winter is always a risk.

10:21 AM #
Kurt and I are leaving our friends to their work on the radios. We have one more place to visit today and quite a hike ahead of us. #zombies

12:12 PM #
Kurt and I are at the DARPA monitoring station up on Mosinee Hill. There are people here watching the computers that track The Anomaly.

12:15 PM #
This small self-sufficient facility, which we discovered months after the zombies rose, has something to do with @ProfPierson's superiors.

12:18 PM #
In addition to tracking The Anomaly (& sending the data who-knows-where), equipment here tracks Tweets leaking through it from other worlds.

12:21 PM #
The people here watch that equipment 24/7, seeing all my tweets and the few that come back thru. They knew we were coming & have some ideas.

01:12 PM #
This is kind of freaking me out: The people stationed here are bored most of the time so they spend time reading and re-reading old tweets.

01:15 PM #
Still, I'm glad they're here. Knowing somebody is watching what I tweet is reassuring when I'm out and about, getting into zombie trouble.