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wausauloner - Fri Feb 03 2012

07:17 AM #
Kurt and I are scouting around areas on the NORTH side of highway 29, opposite the downed fencing that used to protect my neighborhood.

07:20 AM #
There are quite a few zombies here, high numbers left over from the siege of WalMart and the original outbreaks over two years ago.

07:23 AM #
The zombie numbers around here did shift somewhat last May after storms caused The Anomaly to emit some kind of "clarion call" to the undead

07:26 AM #
...but the many zombies remaining (after the fight that cost the life of my friend Cal) have spread out somewhat in the months since.

07:29 AM #
Break time is over. We need to get back to finding a way to lure zombies here from my neighborhood, without bringing more in from the north.

10:22 AM #
Shorty is really watching out for us. Without her doggie nose, we wouldn't have nearly the warning time we're getting when zombies are near.

02:12 PM #
We found a house with a direct line of sight to the damaged fences. We think we can keep this place secure from small numbers of zombies...

02:16 PM #
...We could set it afire and zombies would stream here from the area we want to clear, but that would also pull in many more from elsewhere.

02:18 PM #
Hmmmm...maybe there is something we can do. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse