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wausauloner - Sat Feb 04 2012

07:31 AM #
Kurt is back home with May for a couple days while I put together some gear for a plan to lure zombies away from the downed highway fencing.

10:33 AM #
It feels good to be building something again, even if its a much smaller project than a home. I miss the life I had before the zombies came.

02:13 PM #
Any word from the other side of The Anomaly about what weather we can expect for the next couple days? #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:35 PM #
@firsthour How far out?

02:41 PM #
@firsthour Thanks. I hope my world's weather continues to be close to yours!

02:43 PM #
@firsthour Ha, well at least your forecasters aren't decaying corpses trying to eat you.

02:57 PM #
@MissTamikaJones In your Wausau?

02:59 PM #
@MissTamikaJones Interesting. It is not raining here. In the two Wausaus I've heard from, it is raining in one and not the other.