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wausauloner - Mon Feb 06 2012

06:45 AM #
Kurt is here. A few people from Fort NTC should be here soon, too. We're going to set up a solar-powered automated zombie pump. To explain:

06:48 AM #
...I spent the last couple days making sturdy 6'-tall tripods. Atop each is a box with a foil-lined interior, an open top & one open side...

06:51 AM #
...Inside each of those boxes are several solar-powered patio lights. We're going to set the tripods up along the old I29W ramp to I39N...

06:54 AM #
...The old ramp's concrete was removed early in the interchange reconstruction project interrupted by the zombie plague. It's overgrown now.

06:57 AM #
...We'll space the tripods out every 200 yards or so, aiming the open sides to the south. The patio lights will charge during the day...

07:01 AM #
...Then, when the sun sets, the row of lights will be the only lights around, clearly visible to any zombies to the south, but not to others

07:03 AM #
...The zombies will probably only follow one light northward along the dis-used ramp--I expect them to stop and stare when they reach one...

07:06 AM #
...Each day, the lights will recharge as the zombies disperse randomly. The next night, they'll head back to the light, or the next one up.

07:09 AM #
...Slowly, little by little, the lights will attract zombies away from the downed fencing protecting my neighborhood. Time to get to work!

01:09 PM #
The tripods are up! Each is anchored in place by piled snow & a few nosy zombies we put down. Things went smoothly with all the help we had.

01:12 PM #
To see how well it works, I'm going to spend the night in the house Kurt and I secured the other day. It's just off the ramp, mid-way up.

05:11 PM #
I'm in an interior room, keeping the light of my Blackberry from being seen by passing zombies. The solar-patio-light-zombie-pump works!

05:14 PM #
...It is hard to see details when the zombies aren't near the lights, but I see shadowy figures moving toward them, all heading north.

08:01 PM #
Some of the solar patio lights are going out already. Their batteries have degraded significantly in the last 2+ years. Interestingly...

08:04 PM #
...The bad batteries could be turned to our advantage. If we sort the lights by battery power and put the best farthest north, hmmmm...

08:07 PM #
...If we can get the lights to go out sequentially from south to north, we could dramatically speed up the "zombie pumping" process!

09:11 PM #
Too bad we couldn't have the zombie pump end in a pool or something to trap the Zs attracted by the lights. Maybe we'll dig a pit in spring.