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wausauloner - Wed Feb 08 2012

05:37 AM #
Got a wake-up call from Kurt this morning. After I crashed yesterday, he got a good look at the results of our "zombie pump" project...

05:40 AM #
...He said the zombies knocked over one of the tripods holding the solar-powered lights. They attracted more of the undead than we expected.

05:43 AM #
He went back out first thing this morning and saw that another tripod was down, and there were even more zombies in the "pump."

05:46 AM #
He said the mob definitely shifted north. Hopefully, the pump will pull more zombies out of here before all the lights are knocked over.

09:44 AM #
Just came back from scouting out the subdivision to the north that we're trying to clear of zombies. It's mostly clear! #zompocalypse

01:34 PM #
I spent the afternoon in my downstairs "greenhouse," tending my tomatoes & greens under the lights. Treating myself to a big salad. #zombies