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wausauloner - Thu Feb 09 2012

06:15 AM #
On my way to go check on the progress of the "zombie pump." I'm taking a lot of arrows in hopes of plugging a bunch of stragglers.

08:21 AM #
At the infested subdivision. Definitely fewer zombies here again today than yesterday. I did take out three on the way here. #zompocalypse

09:42 AM #
I dashed a few blocks into the subdivision--nearly got to the site of the truck crash. Enough zombies saw me to keep me from sticking around

09:45 AM #
I'm going to wait here & pick them off if they keep heading this way. Until then, I'll tell you what I saw to the north in the "zombie pump"

09:48 AM #
It looked to me like over half the tripods holding the solar patio lights that are luring the zombies out of here are still up. #zombies

10:51 AM #
The crowd of zombies along the path of tripods is bigger than I expected. Much bigger. Something must have gone wrong with the plan.

10:54 AM #
It may take nighttime recon to figure out what is happening & if we can fix things. I might have to take advantage of the full moon tonight.

10:57 AM #
.@JoinPetz I wouldn't try it. The dead are emotionless predators. Everything they do is based on the instinct to kill and eat the living.

09:15 PM #
I took a long, early nap so I could be alert for nighttime run to the zombie-infested subdivision to the north. I have to be sharp for this.

09:18 PM #
Zombies don't sleep, of course, so they'll be wandering around there. They can't see in the dark either, but the moon is bright tonight.

09:21 PM #
Shorty and I will be careful. I'm hoping her nose will give us an edge. I have to go see what's happening with the "zombie pump."

09:24 PM #
No updates for awhile--I'll have my Blackberry along to text out emergency tweets, but looking at the screen would hurt my night vision.