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wausauloner - Fri Feb 10 2012

01:24 AM #
Back home after my moonlight run to the zombie-infested subdivision. There weren't many there. Many were further north, across Hwy 29.

01:27 AM #
Only a few of the solar patio lights in the line of tripods making up the zombie pump were still on. The ones knocked over are the problem.

01:30 AM #
Some of the lights are now pointing in directions other than to the south, so they're pulling in zombies from other points of the compass.

08:23 AM #
I've been on the CB talking with Kurt and the Fort NTC group who helped us set up the zombie pump. About the problems we're having with it.

08:26 AM #
The consensus is that we might have to wait for snow to bury the knocked-over lights. Until then, they'll keep luring more zombies in.

08:29 AM #
On the plus side, Kurt is joining me tonight for another late night visit to the now safer area where the highway fences need repairing.

08:32 AM #
We can't fix the fences as well as we like, but we can put up some temporary barriers to slow the steady leak of zombies into the area.

06:35 PM #
Kurt and I are heading out. We've got a sledge loaded up with snow fences, barbed wire, and other supplies and gear. Wish us luck. #zombies