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wausauloner - Sat Feb 11 2012

03:02 AM #
Home but soooo cold. Esspecially poor Shortyy. Fngers too num right now.

03:40 AM #
Finally warming up. We had to spend a lot more time out there than we had planned. Mostly because we had to dodge zombies the whole time.

03:43 AM #
We were still able to get some work done on patching the fence. We started out by stealthily anchoring one end of a roll of snow fencing...

03:46 AM #
Then, during the noisy process of unrolling the fence, one of us would play cat and mouse with any approaching zombies, drawing them away...

03:49 AM #
Whoever's turn it was to work on the fence would hide quietly behind it until the zombies were out of earshot, then roll out more fencing...

03:52 AM #
It took hours, sometimes standing frozen in place in the dark, sometimes working in bursts, to wire the fence to the remaining fence poles.

03:59 AM #
@teenagedreams26 Careful what you wish for...the weakness between our worlds lets tweets through, and may let the zombie plague through too.

06:55 AM #
Last night's snow-fence patching on the downed highway fences won't keep determined zombies out. They will only turn aimless wanderers away.

06:58 AM #
In fact, the first time a zombie sees something on the other side of the fence, it'll probably wreck a section of the flimsy slats.

01:25 PM #
Crashed a few hours. I've been on a rough schedule lately. The disorientation I'm feeling is a harsh reminder that the zombies don't sleep.

02:11 PM #
@jreyna77 Too many, and many more to the north near the site of the old WalMart siege. And the pump runs for hundreds of yards.

02:11 PM #
@jreyna77 But your suggestion does work with small groups!