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wausauloner - Mon Feb 13 2012

07:35 AM #
I'm up on the bridge over 29 again. The small amount of snow we've been getting hasn't been enough to cover the fallen solar patio lights.

07:38 AM #
Every day, there are more zombies milling about along the strip of land that used to be a highway ramp. Our "zombie pump" is overloading.

07:41 AM #
If we can't turn the lights that have been knocked off-kilter, it will keep attracting zombies from all directions, not just the south.

08:44 AM #
I've been reluctant to admit it: I think the only answer is to shoot out the solar patio lights that face the wrong way. The problem is...

08:47 AM #
With so many zombies around the lights, I'd have to shoot them out from far away. I can't reliably hit targets that small from that far...

08:50 AM #
...but I know someone who can. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:06 AM #
.@NorCalZombie I might be able to get close enough to the southernmost lights in the chain for that to work. The rest would be too far away.

10:26 AM #
. @NorCalZombie Yep, that is the heart of the problem with coming up with a safe and effective fix.

08:32 PM #
I just got off the CB. My plan to "fix" the zombie pump by shooting out the fallen lights is a go. The shooter, Ruth, is on board. #zombies