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wausauloner - Wed Feb 15 2012

05:47 AM #
We're ready to go. I'll be wearing snowshoes, towing Ruth & her gear around on the toboggan. Kurt is on escort duty. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:50 AM #
At Ruth's age, running around zombies in the snow would be dangerous. This way, she stays on the toboggan, safe & well-rested for shooting.

05:53 AM #
Our basic plan is this: Kurt will find (&, if necessary, clear out) areas safe from zombies near the row of lights that are attracting Zs...

05:56 AM #
I'll pull Ruth from site to site as fast as I can. At each, she'll take a few snap shots at the nearest solar patio lights, taking them out.

06:46 AM #
We're at our trucks at our launching point, up on the overpass over Highway 29. We're going to work the east edge of the pump today.

11:14 AM #
Taking a break. A long one, this time, so I can tweet. Together, we're one hell of a biathlete, but I think I'm the weak link in this deal.

11:17 AM #
So far, Ruth has taken out two fallen patio lights. In 3 LONG shots. With so little noise, nearby zombies didn't have time to home in on us.

11:20 AM #
Kurt has done the only zombie-killing today. Using his antique civil war saber, he's taken out at least ten, quickly and quietly. #zombies

02:02 PM #
Calling it a day. We were only able to get a good angle on one more fallen patio light. We'll take on the west side tomorrow. #zompocalypse