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wausauloner - Thu Feb 16 2012

06:03 AM #
Heading out for another round of Driving Miss Ruthie. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:20 AM #
We've made several runs at the "zombie pump" from the west side. Twice, we couldn't even get to the spot Kurt scouted out for us.

09:23 AM #
The zombies in and around the old highway ramp where we set up the solar patio lights on tripods are just too thick. Kurt's working on that.

12:32 PM #
Using his sword on some and leading others away before doubling back, Kurt cleared a path of zombies. I towed Ruth in and she hit 2 lights.

12:35 PM #
We got out of there fast as the zombie throng closed in. We had to stop so Ruth could shoot up thick clots of the undead near our trucks.

12:38 PM #
Before we take another run at the problem, Kurt and I are going to do some more night-time recon to see what lights need to be put out.

09:43 PM #
Kurt & I are back from a look at the zombie pump. We picked out a couple of areas where misdirected lights can be reached and shot tomorrow.