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wausauloner - Fri Feb 17 2012

08:35 AM #
It was a tricky path to the spot where Ruth could shoot--and another long shot--but Kurt got us there and Ruth took out the light with one.

08:39 AM #
We're taking a break to eat some power bars and get some water in us (well, mostly me. I'm sweating my ass off). #zombies #zompocalypse

09:13 AM #
Time to get moving. Kurt has already had to decapitate a curious zombie who followed our trail here. We have one more light to take out.

01:17 PM #
That was the hardest one yet. Reaching a spot where Ruth could see the target took forever. Thank God that zombies are slow in snow.

06:11 PM #
Crap. Kurt & I took another nighttime run out to look at the zombie pump. The Zs knocked over another light. We need to end this experiment.