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wausauloner - Sat Feb 18 2012

07:22 AM #
The solar patio light "zombie pump" did its job at first, attracting zombies' attention from my side of the highway fence each night...

07:25 AM #
...But as the crowd of zombies the lights attracted grew, some of the tripods we mounted them on were knocked over or turned around...

07:28 AM #
...With the lights facing every which way instead of just south, the lights pulled in zombies from other directions--An unsafe situation.

07:31 AM #
Ruth, the best sharpshooter among area survivors (and probably the oldest), has shot out most of the turned lights. Some remain. #zombies

07:34 AM #
However, it has become clear that the zombie pump, long-term, is only going to keep getting broken, disturbed by the zombies it attracts.

07:37 AM #
So we're going to take on the problem more directly than we have been the last few days. We're now working out details on how to do it best.