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wausauloner - Sun Feb 19 2012

07:11 AM #
We finished our plans at Kurt and May's place yesterday, staying overnight to be closer to the northern approach to the zombie pump today.

07:14 AM #
Ruth spent most of yesterday and this morning talking to May about her pregnancy. Ruth had 5 children & 13 grandchildren, pre-zompocalypse.

07:34 AM #
Today's plan is to have Ruth standing up through the sunroof of the Tucson as I drive. She'll do all the shooting. Kurt will ride shotgun.

07:37 AM #
I'm going to drive us in close from the North so Ruth can shoot all the solar patio lights that now face that way, then play pied piper...

07:40 AM #
We'll pull as many zombies as possible away to the north, then break contact before we get to the big zombie horde on Rib Mountain Drive.

08:18 AM #
.@jreyna77 The series of southward-facing lights drew zombies north, away from my side of the fence, after the fire drew them over it.

09:54 AM #
Ruth shot all the lights she could on the north side of the zombie pump, then switched to hitting zombies as we drove away. We're on 29 now.

09:57 AM #
We're going to try the same approach on the south side of the pump now. There are a few more lights to hit. All that remain, actually.

12:17 PM #
Ruth has put an end to the zombie pump. She shot out all the remaining lights. Afterwards, we led the zombie mob across the 29E bridge.

12:20 PM #
We'd stop now and then to let more zombies catch up while Ruth shot those closest to us. We relocated or downed over two hundred zombies.

12:23 PM #
Now it's time to take the long way around back home. Kurt and I will check out the zombie pump again tonight to make sure it has gone dark.

06:12 PM #
Ruth did a great job--there's not a single solar patio light left shining in the zombie pump. It's done, gone, & so are most of the zombies.