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wausauloner - Tue Feb 21 2012

06:02 AM #
Planning on a quiet day around the house, tending my own maintenance issues that have been neglected during all the recent zombie-fighting.

06:13 AM #
So much for a quiet day...I just got an emergency call on the CB from Sue out at the Farm Colonies west of town. She needs help. #zombies

06:16 AM #
Apparently, a family using a large plastic barrel to store water in has become sick with something it was contaminated with. #zompocalypse

06:19 AM #
Pete is sending a combat group here to meet up with me. We're going to the hospital where Sue used to work to find some activated charcoal.

06:31 AM #
Still waiting for the combat team. This is not going to be easy: Hospitals were hit hard on Z-day. They've been full of zombies ever since.

06:34 AM #
Sue has given me good instructions on what to grab in addition to the activated charcoal she'll use as a poison antidote. She needs supplies

06:43 AM #
They're here. Gotta go. This is going to get hairy for awhile. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:14 PM #
On our way to infirmary back at the Farm Colonies. We had to pull out of our attempt to get into the hospital. Two men got hurt pretty bad.

02:17 PM #
We couldn't get past an old Z-day barricade in the hospital. We tried to scramble over. There was a collapse...zombies on both sides...

02:20 PM #
We were lucky to get out of there without anybody being bitten. Well, not that got through thick winter clothing. It was a real close call.

02:23 PM #
One of the men got a deep cut from thigh to groin. We have the bleeding under control. The other has compound fractures below the knees.