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wausauloner - Wed Feb 22 2012

09:01 AM #
I've been helping Sue and her assistants in her infirmary at the main Farm Colony, helping treat the wounded and the sick. #zompocalypse

09:03 AM #
The man with the broken legs is doing OK. The one with the gash in his leg, too. Neither will be fighting zombies again for awhile. #zombies

09:06 AM #
Sue is more worried about the family that drank the contaminated water. Whatever was in the water was very bad. No treatment seems to help.

01:20 PM #
The youngest child in the family poisoned by their water has slipped into a coma. Her brothers aren't far behind. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:22 PM #
The child who lapsed into a coma has died. Her parents, very sick themselves, waited for her to turn. They pulled the trigger together.

05:25 PM #
I don't know the family well. Sue does. She says they were in the I39 traffic jam on Z-day. They know they were exposed to The Anomaly.

05:28 PM #
She says they've accepted the fact that their exposure to The Anomaly has infected them with the latent form of the zombie contagion.