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wausauloner - Thu Feb 23 2012

01:25 AM #
Sue was just summoned to the infirmary. The family's middle child won't wake up. This doesn't look good for any of them. #zompocalypse

07:52 AM #
There's been no change with the boy in the coma. His older brother and parents' vitals are slipping. They know they are all waiting to die.

09:15 AM #
The second child has died. His father took care of what needed to be done. Afterwards, he asked for a meeting with Pete and some others.

10:31 AM #
Henry and Elizabeth and their teenage son Warren know they're going to die and that they carry the latent version of the zombie contagion...

10:34 AM #
...They called the meeting to announce that they want their deaths to have greater meaning--to be studied before, during, & after they turn.

10:37 AM #
Sue is dead set against the idea. They are adamant. Pete is respecting their wishes and is having a place set up where they can be confined.

11:43 AM #
Sue has put her foot down. She will not participate in the observation of her former patients as they die and rise again. #zompocalyspe

11:47 AM #
Sue's assistants are torn. Two say we have to learn all we can about the zombie contagion and will help monitor the family as they requested

12:02 PM #
Yes, creepy...though they're volunteering. RT @firsthour @wausauloner sounds like what that crazy "doctor" was doing that had you captured.