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wausauloner - Fri Feb 24 2012

06:20 AM #
Warren died and reanimated this morning. His parents were there when it happened. They wanted to face their future. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:52 AM #
Sue has been helping Henry and Elizabeth manage their pain and other symptoms as the poison they ingested shuts down their organs...

08:55 AM #
...They've been talking a lot. Henry and Elizabeth are spending more time trying to comfort Sue than the other way around, actually.

08:58 AM #
...Henry & Elizabeth say they made their decision because they feel the contaminated water sentenced them to a death without meaning...

09:02 AM #
...They want others to benefit from what can be learned from their death and reanimation. The zombie plague is still such a mystery.

12:20 PM #
Elizabeth has lost consciousness, probably for the final time. She & Henry are now in their enclosures, near the zombie that was their son.

12:23 PM #
Before she lost the ability to speak, Elizabeth asked Sue to change her mind, to help study her family through death and undeath. Sue cried.

01:11 PM #
I just spoke with Henry. He knows I'm uncomfortable with the decision he, Elizabeth, & Warren made. He made me promise two things:...

01:14 PM #
...First, to let the experiment continue as long as there's a chance to develop knowledge about the latent form of the zombie contagion...

01:17 PM #
...and second, to watch & wait for when the time is right to end the experiment. He wants me to finish it when that time has come. I agreed.

03:11 PM #
Elizabeth has died. Henry lost consciousness before it happened. No longer able to help her patients, Sue is heading outside to take a walk.

04:31 PM #
Sue came back, arriving in time to pronounce Henry's death just before the body began stirring. As the eyes re-opened, Sue stared into them.

04:34 PM #
She then told me she'd just come from talking to Pete, and that he asked for me to see him. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:53 PM #
Just talked with Pete. He said that he & Sue decided she is upset, exhausted, & on edge. She's been pushing herself too hard for two years.

04:56 PM #
For a long time, she was the only survivor around here with medical training. She's been working 15+ hours most days...and now...all this...

04:59 PM #
Pete says Sue needs a break. And since there are no vacation getaways in the zompocalypse, my secure home will have to do. #zombie #zombies

05:02 PM #
He & Sue had already talked about it. She has a condition I'm reluctant to go along with, an expansion of past requests she's made of me...

05:05 PM #
...As during other stolen hours of quality time we've shared in the past, Sue wants me to put my Blackberry away for the duration.

05:08 PM #
So, tomorrow we head to my home so Sue can de-stress. I won't be updating again for a week or two. Truth told, I need a break too.