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wausauloner - Wed Mar 14 2012

08:26 AM #
I just dropped Sue off at her infirmary. She's already back at work. I'll spend a little time here in the Farm Colonies before heading home.

08:29 AM #
I'm waiting for Pete to finish hearing a report from a patrol just back from an anti-zombie sweep. Until then, it's time for some catch-up:

08:32 AM #
The first week of Sue's "vacation" at my fortified home was cold, stormy. All we could do was cocoon. Turned out it was just what Sue needed

08:35 AM #
With no patrolling, fence-fixing, scrounging, or other activities likely to lead to contact with zombies, we had plenty of time to talk.

08:38 AM #
Without acknowledging it, neither of us even mentioned the zombies or the end of our world. Not once that entire first week. #zompocalypse

08:41 AM #
When the weather turned unexpectedly warm, we ventured out onto my mostly dismantled second floor. The smell of death was still there.

08:44 AM #
There was only one zombie within sight, but the breeze was from the north. It was the smell of tens of thousands of undead on the wind.

08:47 AM #
Sue let it all out then. All the sadness from all those she couldn't save...especially her last case, the family poisoned by their bad water

08:50 AM #
I should have anticipated what was going to happen next. ...Hold on...Pete's meeting is winding up. More later.

06:11 PM #
I got roped into a follow-up anti-zombie sweep through some snowy, swampy terrain west of the Farm Colonies. I'm beat. Gonna crash here.