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wausauloner - Sun Mar 18 2012

07:42 AM #
Sue wanted to review one of the slides of her blood samples and found the seal was broken. She checked it anyway...and found NO black bits.

07:45 AM #
We're thinking that whatever the tiny black foreign matter in our blood is, it oxidizes easily, like the black filigree in a zombie's brain.

07:48 AM #
Long ago, we all learned that pretty much any breaching trauma to a zombie's skull re-kills it. Their brains steam away when exposed to air.

07:51 AM #
This new information may bring us to a wall: How do we study samples that cease to exist as soon as they leave a zombie body? #zompocalypse

01:25 PM #
Sue has two more theories about the zombie-related contaminants in our blood. She says they're both logical deductions based on what we know

01:28 PM #
1) The oxygen in our own blood must dissolve the Z-flotsam on an ongoing basis--otherwise we'd be having strokes and other blockage issues.

01:31 PM #
2) Something within those of us who have the passive form of the zombie contagion must be continually producing more contaminating material.

01:34 PM #
It's a disturbing thought: Do we have some kind of tumor or infected organ within us...just pumping out what will one day make us zombies?

01:37 PM #
Sue doesn't have the skills or facilities to do the kind of exploratory surgery necessary to find out...not on the living, anyway. #zombies

04:43 PM #
For the last two hours, Sue and her apprentices have been cutting into one of the captive zombies they've been studying. It's surreal...

04:46 PM #
The zombie never slowed in its struggles against the bonds that hold it. Not when its chest was opened. Nor when its organs were removed.

04:49 PM #
The organs, by the way, yielded no clues to the answers we're seeking. They were all dead, non-functioning, and beginning to decompose.

04:52 PM #
There was one very big surprise during the macabre operation: A wisp of steam erupted when Sue cut into one of the zombies' lymph nodes.

04:55 PM #
Sue & her apprentices are huddled up, discussing the new evidence. It's over my head. I'll share more when they explain it to me. #zombies