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wausauloner - Tue Mar 20 2012

04:48 PM #
We're back with a zombie suitable for Sue's research project. It wasn't the only passenger riding in the back of the truck. Long story...

04:51 PM #
I explained our mission to Kurt more fully as I drove to Amherst. It took more time to get the Amherst leaders on board when we arrived...

04:54 PM #
...but after explaining our goal was to find out what we can about the passive form of the zombie plague, they knew just how to help us.

04:57 PM #
They led us a few miles away to a secluded home atop a ridge. It was a prestigious property before the zombies rose. All we saw was a mess.

05:01 PM #
From the ragtag vehicles parked outside and the barricades on the windows, it was clear that a small convoy of survivors had taken it over.

05:03 PM #
According to what the sole survivor of that group said when he was rescued, the convoy came up from Madison, fleeing the cannibal gangs.

05:06 PM #
That turned out not to be true. The wanderers WERE a small group from the cannibal gangs, scouting northward for supplies. #zompocalypse

05:09 PM #
Anyway, the cannibals came north when the weather broke. The Amherst enclave learned of their presence upon following the sound of gunshots.

05:12 PM #
The cannibals had been found by a few wandering zombies. The shooting brought in a large cluster gravity had collected in a nearby valley.

05:15 PM #
Most of the cannibals fled. Some died. The survivor was trapped on a dwindling piece of ice floating in a filthy in-ground pool. #zombies

05:18 PM #
The Amherst survivors got him out, figuring they'd come back to clear out a few pursuing zombies that fell into the opaque pool-water later.

05:21 PM #
That mission was supposed to happen yesterday, but a search of the house showed zombies weren't the only creatures eating human flesh there.

05:24 PM #
So Kurt and I were able to have our pick from the water-soaked zombies as they were pulled from the pool today. We found a good candidate.

05:27 PM #
I also offered to take the cannibal away (the Amherst enclave is too small to have facilities for prisoners). Pete is talking to him now.