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wausauloner - Wed Mar 21 2012

06:01 AM #
I'm spending another busy day here at the Farm Colonies west of Wausau. Sue's zombie studies continue, and now we have a "guest" to talk to.

09:30 AM #
Sue and her apprentices seem frustrated. Evidently, the answers they hoped to find in the body of the zombie we retrieved weren't there.

09:33 AM #
I caught the gist of their discussion: They didn't find what they were hoping to see in the innards of the zombies they're dissecting.

09:36 AM #
So far, they've found no difference between a first-generation zombie and one infected via zombie bite. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:39 AM #
I'm going to head over to the new jail to see if the cannibal we brought over from Amherst has started providing any intel about his group.

12:33 PM #
The captured cannibal prisoner has been talking some. He claims not to know much because he's "just a foot soldier doing what he has to."

12:36 PM #
He claims he volunteered for duty with the scouting party that came north so that he could try to slip way & be free of the gangs for good.

12:39 PM #
He says the constant fighting for territory between the Cannibal Gangs and the Rapture's Reapers cult is going the cultist's way lately.

12:42 PM #
That isn't good news for us. The war between those two groups keeps them both too busy to be interested in coming north to our territory.

12:45 PM #
If one side or the other breaks the stalemate, we might be the next target of the victor. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #Wausau