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wausauloner - Thu Mar 22 2012

08:20 AM #
I've been helping question the prisoner. He's giving us a better picture of the war between the Rapture's Reapers cult & the Cannibal Gangs.

08:23 AM #
It's a strange combination of hi and lo tech, a style of warfare unlike any conflict the old, pre-zompocalypse America ever fought in...

08:26 AM #
There are no front lines--not in a traditional sense. The population, down 99% or so since the zombies rose, is too small to cover borders.

08:29 AM #
Instead, there are scattered forts and outposts here and there along natural barriers, like the Wisconsin River. Patrols run between them.

08:32 AM #
Most of the combat is skirmishing between patrols, with occasional raids when one side or the other thinks there's something worth taking.

08:35 AM #
It would all be kind of medieval, with zombies subbing for highwaymen, if not for the inclusion of weapons like long-range deer rifles.

08:38 AM #
With good camouflage and a strong defensive position, a few good shooters can keep all but large raiding parties at bay. #zompocalypse

08:41 AM #
The problem for the Cannibal Gangs is this: The Rapture's Reapers macabre use of trucked-in zombies as siege-breakers is grinding them down.

09:14 AM #
.@LuckySenior Booms in Clintonville? I didn't stick around when I was there last fall. Too many zombies. But noise didn't precede Zs here.