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wausauloner - Sat Mar 24 2012

08:40 AM #
I just spent some time observing the continuing "autopsy" of the free-range zombie Kurt and I retrieved for Sue and the other medicos.

08:43 AM #
The zombie is gagged and duct-taped down securely at the forehead, neck, chest, waist, biceps, forearms, wrists, thighs, calves, and ankles.

08:46 AM #
The zombie is also blindfolded & wearing wearing earplugs. Sue and her apprentices talk in whispers in hopes the thing will stay more still.

08:49 AM #
High-powered lights, brighter than I expected, are pointed at whatever part of the zombie's body they cut into. It stirs each time. #zombies

08:52 AM #
Zombies don't feel pain, but they do have a sense of touch. When a mitten slipped off one hand, the zombie's fingers reached out, questing.

08:55 AM #
For safety's sake, Sue cut off the zombie's fingers so it couldn't grab one of the medicos' hands. She told everyone to watch carefully...

08:58 AM #
I missed it the first time, but saw it when other fingers were cut: Tiny wisps of steam visible when specific bits of tissue were exposed.

09:01 AM #
Sue said it wasn't the "blood" of the zombie boiling away, but something that hijacked the nerves. She says it's universal in the body.

01:30 PM #
I had a private conversation with our cannibal prisoner. I think he expected me to kill him. He's resigned to an expected death sentence.