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wausauloner - Sun Mar 25 2012

06:54 AM #
Kurt and May are coming out here to the Farm Colonies today. May is due in less than a month, so Sue wants to see her more often now.

06:57 AM #
In fact, Sue is doing a full day of clinic work & seeing several pregnant women today, taking a break from the zombie "autopsies." #zombies

09:55 AM #
May and her unborn baby are both in good health. One of the other pregnant women, however, is being put on bed rest until delivery. #zombies

09:58 AM #
Sue has gotten pretty good at prenatal care & deliveries. Beginning a year or so after the zombies rose, a lot of new families got started.

10:01 AM #
Every new birth is celebrated even more today than before the zombies rose. I think it's a testament to our collective will to survive.

12:41 PM #
@wiccanz We've still got condoms. Scroungers are always on the lookout for them. Temperature swings make them less reliable, though.

02:30 PM #
Much discussion going on about the prisoner. Some want to try him for cannibalism ASAP. Most realize we need to maximize our intel first.