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wausauloner - Mon Mar 26 2012

07:18 AM #
So far, no more than 20 out here at the Farm Colonies know any of the results of Sue's investigations into the nature of the zombie plague.

07:21 AM #
That changes today. Pete has called a mass meeting. He wants everyone to know the facts, now that some of the findings are concrete. #zombie

09:52 AM #
People have begun filtering in from all the outlying farm centers. They, and reps from other survivor groups, are filling up the big barn.

09:55 AM #
Like all big events held here at the main Farm Colony, it's a chance for distant people to catch up and share news. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:15 AM #
The meeting has begun. First up: Pete is telling everyone about the prisoner from the Cannibal Gangs and what we've learned from him.

10:31 AM #
The Bear Creek survivors, patched in via a relay of secure (formerly Marathon County Sheriff's Department) radios thru Amherst, have news:

10:34 AM #
They had a run-in with a group of people that might have been another scouting group from the Cannibal Gangs. No way to know for sure.

10:53 AM #
Everyone agrees: It's time to redouble our efforts to keep track of any potential raiders moving into our lands and those of our allies.

12:15 PM #
Pete has just wrapped up summarizing the findings of Sue and her apprentices, both about the zombies and the blood of "The Doomed."

12:18 PM #
News that there is a test that can determine if someone has the passive form of the zombie contagion is getting mixed reviews. #zompocalypse

12:21 PM #
Some are calling for immediate universal testing. Others say nobody should be tested. They fear discrimination (and worse) of the infected.

12:24 PM #
Sue is talking now. She says we don't have the supplies to test everyone's blood for the telltale black debris, so universal testing is out.

12:27 PM #
But she says anyone who hasn't been near The Anomaly since the zombies rose should be tested. She has two important reasons:

12:30 PM #
First, if someone is clear, they should know not to go near The Anomaly. This will keep the number of those with the Z-factor from growing.

12:33 PM #
Second, testing people who'd only been near The Anomaly site before the outbreak may narrow down the minimum exposure needed for infection.

12:36 PM #
Sue says she hopes that learning this information will negate the need for universal testing. As for the discrimination issue...

12:39 PM #
Sue has asked the crowd to bear with her. She is describing her crisis of conscience & how she decided she MUST study the zombie contagion.

12:42 PM #
Now she says that, among everyone left alive on the planet, it is those carrying the Z-factor that may lead to the end of the zombie plague.

12:45 PM #
She says it's more than our duty to seek answers to the zombie plague--it may be our only path to a safe future for ourselves, our species.

05:59 PM #
The official meeting has been over for hours, but discussions over what was revealed continue. I think Sue's speech won over most skeptics.