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wausauloner - Tue Mar 27 2012

06:59 AM #
Two "live" zombies have been brought in by Farm Colony members after their morning patrols. Unsolicited. Suddenly, Sue has more subjects.

07:02 AM #
One was found tangled in barbed wire and easily captured. The other zombie was safely transported after all its limbs were hacked off.

10:20 AM #
The cannibal prisoner is getting his blood tested for the Z-factor. His only exposure to The Anomaly was a quick drive-by on his way here.

10:42 AM #
The cannibal prisoner's blood tested positive for the zombie Z-factor debris. He says he's never been near Wausau (or The Anomaly) before.

10:45 AM #
I guess that means I'm responsible for his infection. He has the passive form of the zombie contagion because I drove him past The Anomaly.

10:54 AM #
.@Rham_Forktail I suppose that's possible. Thanks. Tho, still feeling guilty: Z-factor flotsam breaks down too quickly upon exposure to air.