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wausauloner - Wed Mar 28 2012

07:49 AM #
There's not much left of the "free-range" zombie Sue and her apprentices have been studying. The head will be saved; the rest burned.

07:52 AM #
The reanimated bodies of Henry, Elizabeth, & Warren, mostly intact, are being preserved. They had the passive form of the zombie contagion.

07:55 AM #
It's not just sentiment. The three volunteered to be studied, & Sue needs to be able to compare how the two forms of zombie contagion work.

01:25 PM #
I just lost it on some teenagers who brought another zombie in for Sue to study. They'd abused the body, going beyond rendering it harmless.

01:28 PM #
Hacking off the arms & legs, even ruining its eyes & ears, can be excused as taking precautions, but carving curse words into its flesh...

01:31 PM #
These things...They're not human anymore. Clearly. They're something foul & unnatural. But those kids' actions attach hate to them. #zombies

01:34 PM #
Zombies don't hate. They only act on instinct. But men, women...we can hate. And when things like this happen...I fear for our humanity.