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wausauloner - Fri Mar 30 2012

08:09 AM #
With all the attention I've given to Sue's zombie "autopsies" and the presence of our Cannibal Gangs prisoner, I've neglected other news...

08:12 AM #
...The early spring has let those of us still alive after another zompocalypse winter get an early start on restocking our food supplies...

08:15 AM #
...Most of the early work in the fields has been prepping the ground for later planting, but many hardy, frost-resistant crops are in.

08:18 AM #
Just about everyone has rows of kale growing. It will be some time before we risk planting most of the rest of our carefully hoarded seeds.

08:21 AM #
The other busy work teams are the scroungers and zombie hunter-killer units. I'm on the road with a group heading back to Wausau right now.

09:03 AM #
My home is still secure. Kurt has been checking on it regularly while I've been in the Farm Colonies. Now to clear out some zombies.

12:32 PM #
It's uncomfortable working in this cold rain, but the noise cover it provides is keeping nearby zombies from hearing us. #zompocalypse

02:40 PM #
We completed a sweep of the entire area defined by my outer perimeter (bordered by highway fences & the river). It's clear of Zs, for now.

02:43 PM #
My outermost defenses have always been porous, but a damaged fence and a fire that lured in a crowd of zombies led to lingering problems...

02:46 PM #
Now that the last of the big group of zombies that came in are gone (& the ground, thawed), we're going to add some new sturdy fence poles.

04:01 PM #
The fence is strong again. We had enough people to both work on it & deal with any zombie interlopers that came near us from the other side.